Tuesday, December 1, 2009


STARTERS: Thai Fish Cake – ground “Pla Grai” mixed with red curry paste and herbs and served with cucumber sauce.
Chor Muang – steamed flower shaped dumpling with an exotic stuffing.
Enoki Seafood Salad – a delicate salad of Enoki mushroom, bean vermicelli, organic prawn and seafood with a spicy lime juice dressing.
Chicken and Buffalo Satay – strips of grilled marinated chicken/buffalo served with cucumber and peanut sauce.
Spring Roll Blue Elephant – special recipe of “Black Chicken” and vegetable stuffing served with red sweet and sour sauce. SOUP: Tom Yam Koong Doi Kham – the Thai’s famous spicy soup with Royal Project Mushroom.
Tom Kha Kai Baan – a refreshing soup of “free range chicken” with young coconut flavored with organic young galangal. MAIN COURSES: Massaman Lamb – a typical dish from South Thailand of slowly braised New Zealand lamb in a medium spicy rich gentle sauce.
Ped Saowaros – slices of grilled duck breast, served “medium rare” topped with Royal Project exotic passion fruit sauce.
Black Chicken – green curry of “Black Chicken” with aubergine and spices in fresh coconut milk served with RO-TI pancake.
Fresh Tiger Prawns Black Pepper – a succulent stir-fried preparation with dried black pepper and fresh green peppercorn. ACCOMPANIMENTS: Blue Elephant Phad Thai – fried rice noodle with fresh prawn, ground peanuts and bean sprouts with tamarind dressing.
Phad Yod Boub – all the way from the Virgin Hill tribes to busy Bangkok, crisp Boub stem and leaves stir friend in a low fat soya bean oil and aromatic sauce. DESSERT Selection of homemade desserts 今天,回到S城,我MILO当早餐,西瓜当午餐,跑步4公里,晚餐。。。还没决定。


  1. 哇,你开始为这个月尾收身了?

  2. 你是一朵美丽的花,所以我也要当一片好看的叶。

  3. 苏,你讲你胖会得罪很多人叻,哈哈!

  4. 每个人胖的定义不同。

  5. Good looking guy :)