Friday, January 29, 2010

What can I do?


What can I do?

While Singapore 2009 Customer Satisfaction Index has gone up, thanks to banks and hospitals (Jan 26), one of the customer service provider giants, Starhub, proved to be disappointing.

As a tennis enthusiast, I recently called to subscribe to its Sports group in order to watch the Australian Open. Over the phone, the customer service officer assured me that the channel will be activated at midnight on 18 Jan. However, on 18 Jan, 8am, I realized that the channel has not been activated. What can I do? I called 1633 and waited for 20 min to speak to a customer service officer. I finally got my sports channel, 50 min late after my iced tea turned warm.

Then I thought, I can use my accumulated points to subscribe to Sports group. I was told by the same customer service officer that I can do it online. On 21 Jan, I tried to make redemption online repeatedly but failed. What can I do? I rang 1633 again and was told that the website is undergoing maintenance and it will be up on 25 Jan. There wasn’t any message whatsoever on the website mentioning about the maintenance. Redemption can’t be made over the phone. What can I do? I waited until 25 Jan.

On 25 Jan, when I logged on again, the website is still down and I was asked to log on again after 6pm. At 8pm, I tried again, I was asked to try again at 10pm. Before I go to bed, I tried again and was asked to try again 8am the next day. What can I do? I have been trying everyday since.

Until 29 Jan, the website was finally up but to my disappointment Sports group is no longer available for redemption. What can I do? I rang 1633 again only to go through the same ordeal. I was told that the Reward Department will call me but no return call has been made. What can I do? Frustrated, I rang again. After 35 min wait, I got through and asked to speak to a supervisor or manager but none was available. I was repeatedly placed on hold for a total of further 45 min until I gave up.

So, what else can I do? I wrote this letter only to hope that my voices can be heard.


  1. 朋友,你还好吗?最近,你时常生气哦!很多事情对我们来说都是无可奈何的!既然眼前无法作任何改变,那就应该换另一个方向去努力,也许一些日子以后,事情会有转弯的角落了!

  2. 可是啊,对于这些monopoly市场欺压百姓的,不能忍辱偷生的!

  3. 別生氣,告訴你一個好消息,消消你的氣。




  4. 终于啊,哈哈!人家我和苏心有灵犀你不知道嚒?

  5. 其实我也没有很生气啦,就是那一口气闷在胸口,不吐不快,总得做些什么。哈哈!

  6. 你们错了。
    DK 这么做是要我们称赞他写得一手好文章,可你们就一直叫他不生气,哈哈~~

    真的,我和DK 都是儿童,还是最好的那种。


  7. 苏,赔偿?你。慢。慢。等!


  8. kin, 看来知你者莫若苏哦?